Leewood Burmese

Specialising in coloured Burmese

We breed several litters a year, and there is often a waiting list, as our kittens are highly sought after.

For information on kitten availability, please follow us on Facebook or Contact Us via this website to go on our waiting list.

Leewood kittens are lovingly raised in our home with our family, not in cages outdoors. This means your kitten will be well socialised, and have the temperament that Burmese Cats are so famous for. 

Kittens are sometimes available to approved homes for pet or show. We only have a few litters a year and are happy to put you on a waiting list if you are interested in a Leewood Burmese Kitten. Inspection of our cattery is welcome by appointment, we ask that you kindly do not visit another cattery on the same day, in the interest of maintaining a healthy disease free cattery.

The health of Leewood kittens is guaranteed for 72 hours after collection from our cattery, we do ask that you keep your new kitten away from other cats during this time, as we have no way of knowing if the other cats carry any disease or illness. In the unlikely event that your kitten becomes unwell during this time, it is to be brought back to us here, where we will have it seen to by our own vet. Our vet knows your kitten, and our cats, and will have already given your kitten at least two full consultations before you take it home. 

If you are interested in purchasing a Leewood kitten as a new family member, you may ask to go on our waiting list. Once the kittens are born, you will be contacted and advised of the birth, if you are on Facebook you can keep track of the progress of the pregnancy, and the birth and growth of our kittens.

If you wish to proceed with purchasing a Leewood kitten, a deposit of $200 will secure your kitten for you, and is deducted from the purchase price when you collect your kitten. Your deposit is refundable should something happen to your kitten before you collect it. The deposit is not refundable if you change your mind, as we may have turned away a lot of people that are patiently waiting for their own Leewood kitten. Leewood kittens start at $900 for desexed males, desexed females are $950. Show and breeding kittens pricing on enquiry.

Leewood kittens are not the "cheapest" Burmese kittens available. They are the very best quality. They are all bred from highly successful show cat lines, who are ideal examples of the Burmese Standard, proven by their consistent high results on the show bench. They are very precious to us, they have the very best of care, we use only the highest grade of food including cooking human grade food, and supplementing at weaning time with Protexin (a probiotic which ensures a healthy digestive system). We have them checked by our vet at vaccination and desexing time, we DNA test for any known genetic illnesses in the breed, and we do our utmost to ensure that your new family member is the healthiest, most well balanced kitten that you can possibly get for your money. They are raised in the home with us, which makes them familiar with household hustle and bustle, and are purry and friendly outgoing little treasures.

We love it when two of our babies go together, it makes it so much easier for your kitten to settle in to it's new home if it goes with a litter mate, and provides company for the long hours your kitten may be alone if you are working, or out for any period of time. We can offer special rates for families that take two kittens, as it is so much nicer for our babies.

Interstate shipping can be arranged.

If you are looking for a show quality kitten, it is important that you let us know in advance, as show cats are not born every day. We will take special care to make sure the kitten you take home is the very best quality we can offer. We show our cats with great success, and we will endeavour to ensure your kitten is one we are proud to bear the Leewood name on the show bench. If you are new to showing, we will gladly give you all the information and advice you need, to enjoy the experience of cat showing.

All kittens are vaccinated twice, and thoroughly vet checked before leaving our home. All Leewood kittens are desexed before going to their homes, this is included in your purchase price, and is done for you before you collect your kitten, by our vet who is a breeding specialist veterinarian.We also insist on having our kittens microchipped, this is included in your purchase price, as there is truly nothing more heartbreaking than losing your beloved purry family member, and microchipping is just one way we can help prevent this.

Your Leewood Burmese kitten comes with full registration papers and comprehensive pedigree, diet information, Royal Canin kitten pack, breeders choice cat litter, toys all to help your family member settle in as smoothly as possible.

Burmese cats are extremely curious, and affectionate, they are adept at getting into trouble outdoors, so it is a condition of sale that your kitten MUST be kept indoors or in an enclosed cat run. Please bring an appropriate cat hamper to safely take your kitten home.

When our babies leave us, our responsibility does not end there. We are always happy to help with any questions you might have, and love to hear from new owners about how your Leewood Kitten is growing up.

Your enquiries are welcome via the "Contact Us" page.

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