Leewood Burmese

Specialising in coloured Burmese

Welcome to Leewood Burmese

Bred for Health, Temperament and Type. 
Born to Win

Our cattery is a small, home based breeding programme, situated near the beach in Seaford, South Australia. Our kittens are bred and raised inside our home, to ensure a happy, balanced and confident temperament.

We have a proud and successful history of breeding and showing these beautiful cats, with an emphasis on quality not quantity. We do not breed for profit, but for the betterment of the breed, and our mission is to improve on type with every litter, and our continued show success reflects this pursuit of excellence.

At Leewood Burmese we breed all ten colours, specialising in breeding the dilute colours, with our passion being for the "O" gene, this is the gene responsible for producing cream, red and tortie Burmese. Our pride is our cream, lilac and blue burmese.

Kittens are sometimes available to approved homes for pet or show, and enquiries are welcome.

Registered breeders enquiries are invited from like minded breeders with similar vision.

Leewood Burmese Cats is an ethical and responsible breeder, committed to the continual strive for excellence in the beautiful Burmese breed. We are registered breeders and members of the Feline Association of South Australiaand Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia. We are members of the Festival City Cat Club of SA and The Foreign Shorthair Cat Club.

As passionate members of the Cat Fancy in South Australia, we are actively involved in cat showing, with Michelle pursuing her All Breeds Cat Judging qualification with the Feline Association of SA.

Because the health of our cats is so important, Leewood Burmese Cats are tested, and are FIV and Felv negative.

Our breeding cats are also negative for Burmese Hypokalemia Disease, this is a relatively new test and will help all reputable breeders to preserve the breed by allowing us to eliminate this disease in the future, our test results are available for viewing to all kitten purchasers, as we are proud of the work and time we put in to guarantee healthy kittens.

All breeding cats are DNA negative for GM2 disease, and are not carriers of this fatal disease.

We believe all kitten purchasers should be aware that it is possible to test for these known diseases, and they should insist on making an informed choice when choosing a new family member.

Proud members of the Purebred Burmese Cats Alliance